Presentation Calendar


January 5, 2015. Conejo Valley Chapter DAR
Topic: Food.Family. Ephemera

January 21, 2015. SCGS Webinar Series
Topic: Finding Female Ancestors in the Newspapers

February 9, 2015 Sun City Palm Desert
Topic: Cost Cutting Measures to Help You Do More Genealogy

February 13, 2015. Tucson Gem & Mineral Show
Topic:  Sowerby's British Mineralogy: Its Influence on Martha Proby During the 19th Century

March 7, 2015. Santa Margarita Chapter, DAR 
Topic: From the Family Kitchen - Historical Cookbooks

March 15, 2015. Questing Heirs
Topics: Women in World War 1 and Finding Female Ancestors in Newspapers

April 17, 2015. Alberta Genealogical Society Conference
Topics: Finding Your Genealogy in Digitized Books ; Once Upon A Time at an Antique Store: Telling the Story of Mrs. E.G. Stetson; Martha Proby & Her Book: A Case Study of a 19th Century English Woman; Five Lessons From Researching Genealogy Roadshow; Step Away From the Computer: Using Archives, Academic Libraries, and Museums For Your Research

May 16, 2015. South Orange County Genealogy Society
Topic: Walking Amongst the Dead: Becoming a Cemetery Expert

June 9, 2015. Colony Cousins
Topic: How to Tackle a Research Project

July 1, 2015. Legacy Family Tree Webinars
Topic: The Secret Lives of Women - Researching Female Ancestors Using the Sources They Left Behind 

July 6, 2015. Corona Genealogical Society
Topic: Social Media for Genealogists 

July 9-12, 2015. Gena and Jean Take to the Seas!
Topics: TBA

July 14, 2015. San Joaquin  Genealogical Society
Topics: TBA

July 15, 2015. El Dorado Genealogy Society
Topics: TBA

July 18, 2015.  California State Genealogical Society and  Library
Topic:  Her Name Wasn't Unknown: Researching Your Female Ancestor's Life

July 21, 2015. San Ramon Valley Genealogical Society
Topics: TBA

September 8, 2015. Colony Cousins
Topic: Using Digitized Books

September 30, 2015. Legacy Family Tree Webinars
Topics: Using Periodical to Find Your Ancestors 

November 1-4, 2015.
Topic: TBA

Previous Presentations - 2014

January 4, 2014. Palm Springs Genealogical Society
Topic: Social History Websites that Bring Your Ancestor to Life

January 13-18, 2014.  SLIG 
Topics: Course 11 Utilizing Social History

Topic: Digitized Books

February 8, 2014. Southern California Chapter of APG Mini-PMC
Topic: Using Twitter and Pinterest for Your Genealogical Business

Topic: Using Social Media

February 15, 2014. South Orange County California Genealogical Society

February 27, 2014. Family Tree Magazine

March 1, 2014. Orange County Genealogical Society BASH.

March 8, 2014. Genealogical Society of Riverside
Topic: Using Images

Topic: Advancing Your History Through Social Networking

April 22, 2014. Glendora Genealogy Group
Topic: Social History Websites

May 10, 2014. San Diego Genealogical Society
Topic: Read All About It: Newspaper Research/Hit the Books!: Digitized Books

May 12, 2014. Sun City, Palm Desert
Topic: Read All About It: Newspaper Research
Topic: Cost Cutting Measures to Help you Do More Genealogy

Topic: Making MyHeritage Work for You

Topic: Cemetery Research

Topics: 10 Tips for Finding Newsletter Content; Journals, Store Ledgers and Letters to Aunt Mary: Using Manuscript Collections; Using America’s Ethnic Newspapers to Find and Document Your Family; Of Elephants, Gold, and Dashed Dreams: Researching the California Gold Rush; GenealogyBank - Inside and Out 

July 7, 2014. Corona Genealogical Society
Topic: Social History Websites that Bring Your Ancestor to Life 

July 14, 2014. Colony Cousins
Topic: The Secret Lives of Women: Researching Women’s Lives Using the Sources They Left Behind

July 16, 2014. Genealogical Society of North Orange County California
Topic: Researching Female Ancestors in Newspapers
Topic: Researching Your Ancestors in Periodicals
Topic: The Secret Lives of Women: Research Female Ancestors Using the Sources They Left Behind. The WPA: Sources for Your Genealogy

September 8, 2014. Colony Cousins
Topic: Creating Timelines
Topic: Digitized Book Websites/Finding Images

October 9, 2014. Second Life APG
Topic: Using Twitter and Pinterest for Your Genealogy
Topic: TBA

October 18, 2014. Clark County Nevada Genealogical Society Annual Seminar
Topics: TBA

November 4, 2014. Pomona Valley Genealogical Society
Topic: Getting to know the NEW FamilySearch
Topic: Online Newspapers

November 25, 2014. Glendora Genealogy Group
Topic: Research Your Ancestors in Periodicals